Windows 7 programme opening order problem

  SueAinslie 20:34 26 Oct 2014

Hi, hard to explain but here goes. Every time I open my Lenovo all-in-one the system insist on opening the first programme or file in each computer section. For example, if I click on any icon on the desktop the system opens the recycle bin as it is top left on the desktop. If I change the order of the icons and reboot no matter what I click on it opens whatever is at the top left. If I go to my documents first and I attempt to open any file it defers to the first file either at the top of the list or top left icon? At some point, I can't fathom when, it does allow me to open the file or programme I want, but it's driving me crazy! I tried all sorts but eventually gave up, copied my files to an external hard drive, restored using the one key thing back to original settings. Everything looked and behaved okay until I rebooted after reinstalling anti virus - it's still doing it - clicked on a shortcut to a favourite webpage, recycle bin opened! Any ideas anyone? Sorry this is so long, first attempt at forum help.

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