Windows 7 product key

  User-CB6C597F-1581-4FAF-8DFF3B1477396392 00:00 26 Nov 2011

I have a laptop that came with windows 7 pre-installed, however the product label on the bottom is now unreadable. Is there some way of finding out what it is?

  difarn 07:40 26 Nov 2011


This will involve delving into the registry.

You can either telephone Microsoft Support for a replacement key or try downloading one of these free programmes but take care.

  a member 08:50 26 Nov 2011

best tool for this for windows 7 is OEMdump, its safe and fast , it give you the product key , plus a backup of your cert ( activation certificate) and a copy of the slic (bin) from your bios. instantly.

I downloaded OEM dump and it retrieved the product key which does not resemble the few odd characters on the windows label. Looks like Im going to have to ring Microsoft. Unless theres something else to try????

  rdave13 23:20 26 Nov 2011

These OEM keys are deeply hidden in the registry. If you have no restore discs or a hidden partition to restore, then I doubt if Microsoft will help.

  a member 08:21 27 Nov 2011

OEM dump never fails ,it has given you the correct OEM KEY for your PC, the key on the label is a COA key (certificate of authenticity) , this will not work if you had to reinstall for any reason. the key and cert you got from OEMdump are correct 100%, why are you bothered anyway ,if your machine is indeed genuine ,microsoft will help if you have any problems .but be aware of the terms and conditions of using OEM software.

  difarn 08:29 27 Nov 2011


Download this and go onto operating system - this is just an app that lets you know at a glance everything about your pc. It is an electronic "what's inside your pc" sticker.

  tigertop2 10:07 27 Nov 2011

Very simple to find it and all the other licences for software on your pc. Simply download Belarc Advisor and run it. It is free and a very useful thing to find out every detail of your PC's hardware and software

I have used it for many uyears and you can download it from here

  difarn 10:47 27 Nov 2011


Thanks tigertop 2 for this very comprehensive download. It does the same job as Speccy with the added bonus of advice.

Thanks everybody. Lots of help there.

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