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Windows 7 Problem/Question please help:)

  Tbaf 18:18 03 Jul 2017

Hi if anyone could get back to me anytime soon much appreciated! I was downloading Windows 7 and it asked for my product key I was about to enter it in then it said skip so i pressed it and I was really surprise it worked I was about to go on the internet and there was no internet available I pressed on it and it said the network adapter driver is not installed is this real or is it because I have not entered my product key in... if it is generally that my network driver is not installed how can I fix this can someone please leave me a easy tutorial video on Youtube or any knowledge anyone has of this problem! Many thank´┐Ż/p>

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:14 03 Jul 2017

You may well have to download and install several drivers.

Look in device manager and see which devices have an exclamation mark against them.

Then using a machine that will connect to the internet - go to the manufactures's web site and download the drivers. put then on a USB stick and transfer to the windows 7 machine

double click on the drivers to install them.

  MLA2000 01:18 05 Jul 2017

In addition to what Fruit Bat has said, if you have a physical disc which came with the computer/motherboard you can look on this disc for drivers. You will need to look for drivers marked as Ethernet or Wifi (In my case I had Realtek LAN and Ralink Wifi on my disc). Once these are installed Windows should pull most other drivers it needs automatically from Windows Update.

As a second point, If you cannot get USB to work on the Windows 7 machine make sure you are using a USB 2.0 port (Windows 7 did not support USB v3 from the disc).You can usually see a USB v3 port because the inside is usually blue in colour while a v2 is normally black.

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