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windows 7 problem,please help I'm desperate

  Mikulski 18:10 07 Jul 2015

Hello,i had this problem for like 2 days,i have a notebok acer aspire e1 571g win 7 ,the thing is ,i was plying cs:GO , I exit the game and every thing was running slow,it froze ,i restarted ,but it took like 14 mins to start up , i tried to reinstall windows ,after manny errors,blue screens and crashes ,i managed to install it ,but the problem is still there,hard to start up, freeze and windows explorer error .Please help me

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:56 07 Jul 2015

First try running a Disk check on the C drive see here

  Mikulski 19:10 07 Jul 2015

I did it ,no problem found and I can't use anny of programs because of the freeze

  wee eddie 19:46 07 Jul 2015

What have you Downloaded lately?

  Mikulski 20:01 07 Jul 2015

Nothing,I can't run antivirus because takes like forever to scann a empty windows with MBAM,and at the end it gives blue screen or shuts down

  wee eddie 23:27 07 Jul 2015

Then I would suggest that you either allow your AV to run a full scan or remove the Hard Drive and throw it away.

  Mikulski 07:29 08 Jul 2015

What av you think is good for this? Is a quite new hdd it has like 4 months since i replaced the last one ,the hdd light from laptop is allways on , could it be damaged by heat or by laptop being moved around?

  robin_x 15:03 08 Jul 2015

Tap F8 at boot and See if Safe Mode with Networking runs normally

Check none of your keyboard or touchpad keys are stuck

Try Ubuntu Live USB Flash to see if that works normally. Don't install just Try. It runs off the USB Flash. Doesn't even need the hard drive, but if it's fitted you can explore it from the Sidebar icons)

There's a Memory Test too, just in case

  Mikulski 17:37 08 Jul 2015

Thank you for your time ,and trying to help me , now it wont even load windows ,just a black screen and a small line licking in the top corner ,i will go at a service ,hope they will fix it.

  Batch 17:40 10 Jul 2015

What AV do you have at the moment?

Avast has an emergency update facility which can leave you with a blank screen for an extended period of time on boot (e.g. 20+ mins). If you have Avast, maybe it's that - let it run for a hour or more.

  Ashrich 23:21 10 Jul 2015

Sounds like a dodgy stick of memory to me , try taking one out ( if you have more than one ) and reboot , if no change remove the other one and replace the first and reboot again , this way if one is dodgy you will find out which one .


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