Windows 7 problem

  Thereferee21 11:49 28 Jan 2013

I am being told my Windows 7 is not genuine. How do put this right?

  tullie 12:36 28 Jan 2013

Is it genuine?

  lotvic 12:46 28 Jan 2013

How long have you had it? Did you buy it and install it yourself? OEM or Retail W7? is it Activated? Does it fail Validation?

a lot more detail is needed.

  Thereferee21 13:13 28 Jan 2013

It was purchased in Jan 2012 preinstalled on an Acer Aspire laptop from John Lewis online. It has been working well until a week ago when it says in the bottom right hand corner of my screen it is not a genuine Windows 7. programme, and it keeps asking for my validation key



  lotvic 13:35 28 Jan 2013

Are you sure it says validation key? I thought that was only needed when you use the Download Centre, and then you have to validate and they give you a code to enter before you can download anything. Like this

I think best thing to do is to Validate your copy of W7 here's a link to a page with link to do online validation

  xania 13:42 28 Jan 2013

There's loads on the web about this problem i.e.

I reckon that you first port of call be to contact Microsoft phone validation service to see if that sorts out the problem - failing that, a call to John Lewis should get you back to normal.

  xania 13:44 28 Jan 2013
  xania 17:23 28 Jan 2013

Hey Jock1e

Its not Office that's the problem, its Windows, and if Windows is pre-installed it should be the real thing.

  lotvic 17:51 28 Jan 2013

Hey xania

maybe Jock1e meant to put that post on other thread, see Thread in Helproom about 'lost my activation key'

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