Windows 7 Pre-Order

  HondaMan 11:30 12 Aug 2009

Seems that proices are already going up. On this site click here W7Prof is offered at about £180 and yet I ordered mine for £78.23 + p&p and yes, I have checked that it is W7Prof edition.

  bremner 12:14 12 Aug 2009

As you will see from this click here the cheap pre order was only for a limited time only and all the promo material quoted " Stocks are limited"

You seem to have been very lucky to have got it for £78

  Colin 13:08 12 Aug 2009

Having read recently that Microsoft are now going to launch the European version of W7 with a choice of browsers rather than no browser at all, will the people who managed to get the cheaper initial offers get a non-browser version or have Microsoft not commenced production of the software yet?

  HondaMan 13:27 12 Aug 2009

Doesn't matter to me; I avoid IE at all costs

  Forum Editor 08:18 15 Aug 2009

from Speakers Corner.

  Forum Editor 08:35 15 Aug 2009

The official position is that on launch day European purchasers will now get exactly the same version as the rest of the world - that is, with Internet Explorer 8 included. This decision was taken in order that the European launch would not be delayed while the EU deliberated on the Microsoft proposal to offer people a list of alternative browsers as part of the installation routine. The code had to be released to manufacturing so that the software would be packaged, distributed, and in the shops by 22nd October.

If the EU commission eventually decides to accept Microsoft's proposal it will be done by offering European users a list of alternative browsers at a later date via an internet update.

To summarise: on launch day you'll get Windows 7 with IE 8 as the default browser.

  Colin 10:27 15 Aug 2009

FE, thanks for clarifying the situation. I managed to secure a copy at the offer price with DABS and even though it wouldn't have been too much trouble with it coming without a browser, it will make it easier now that it will.

  laurie53 19:23 15 Aug 2009

Am I the only one to be disappointed that IE8 will be included after all?

Hopefully it will be easy to uninstall.

  audeal 20:54 15 Aug 2009

laurie53: You should not need to uninstall IE8. Just install your favorite browser and make it your default browser.

If you don't have it then you will be able to download it if you want it so I don't understand all the fuss about IE8 being part of it or not.

  Forum Editor 01:34 16 Aug 2009

The fuss is because the companies who produce other browsers complained to the EU Commission that Microsoft's inclusion (and automatic installation) of Internet Explorer in the Windows software amounted to an unfair trading advantage, and effectively operated against competition in the browser market.

The argument was that an average computer user may not be aware of how easy it is to install and use an alternative browser, or wouldn't bother to try to find out, so millions of people would simply accept whatever Microsoft dished up.

It's about having choice, and the ability to make it.

  laurie53 08:18 16 Aug 2009

"laurie53: You should not need to uninstall IE8"

I know I shouldn't need to uninstall it, but neither should I have to have it if I don't want it.

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