Windows 7 Partitions

  Pine Man 07:59 12 Nov 2009

Can anybody tell me as quickly as possible:-

When you check Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Computer Management/Disk Management does the drive holding W7 have one or two partitions?

I have two partitions, one with W7 in it and a smaller one, of 893m,b entitled Healthy (Recovery partition). I am not sure whether the small should be there or is left over from a Vista installation.

  sonyboy 09:42 12 Nov 2009

Hi Pine Man ...Got back to you as soon as I saw your post..I did a totally clean install of Windows 7 originally and did not "upgrade"
I have followed the filepath through Control Panel to replicate your actions and it differs from what you are seeing!!...I have no small (Recovery) partition as you have.
Mine simply reads"Healthy..Boot...Page File..Crash Dump..Primary Partition" ...and thats' it...As you say could be a remnant from previous installs..I'm certain some of the other guys' will have a constructive comment

  gigagiggles 09:49 12 Nov 2009

the pc maker has provided you the means via the recovery partition to recover and return the win 7 pc to "out of the box" condition should anything go awry. instructions on how to access this process should be part of the package.

  sunnystaines 10:12 12 Nov 2009

no extra partition here either

  Pine Man 10:29 12 Nov 2009

Thanks guys you are lifesavers.

When I did a clean install of W7 on the same drive that Vista had existed I ended up being given the choice of, apparently, two operating systems at boot up. W7 or Vista (recovery), which didn't make a lot of sense at the time.

I messed up W7 and reinstalled it but still seemed to have a dual boot system and now I realise it is seeing that old Vista recovery partition left behind.

Now to see if I can remove it or do my third re-install!

Thanks once again.

  Pine Man 11:13 12 Nov 2009

..old partition removed and all ok!

  Zeppelyn 15:10 12 Nov 2009

Its actually a feature of Windows 7, these quotes are from Microsoft.

"The recovery partition is used for Start up repair and can also be used to boot the computer into the System Recovery environment without the assistance of the Windows 7 installation DVD unlike Windows Vista which requires the installation DVD."

"In Windows 7, this feature is installed on all computers, and is stored in the 200MB partition if you install using a single partition scheme. However, if you install on a drive that has multiple partitions, the recovery environment is stored in a folder in the root of your installation drive, so if you install to a partition with a label of C:\ it will be located at C:\Recovery."

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