Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 ?

  JoanneBonnett 08:31 23 Sep 2014

I am currently buying a new computer and 2 of the ones I am considering have an option for Windows 7 instead of Windows 8.1 and I just wondered which OS you would advise me to get.

I know that Windows 8.1 is the newest but my 2 older childeren have it and don't like it. I am used to Windows 7 and it also has the advantage that my youngest daughter has Windows 7 which allows us to share printers, music files and documents via the network. I also managed to save all of my documents, photos and music on to her computer via the Windows 7 network when I suspected mine was about to crash. It took about 3 hours to transfer over. It would be easier to transfer them back to a new computer by this method rather than having to transfer them on to a USB drive.

However I don't want to get Windows 7 if this will make my computer outdated sooner. What are the advantages of Windows 8.1 over Windows 7 ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:20 23 Sep 2014

I wouldn't want to chuck out a four year old PC without first attempting to repair it from your other thread.


I have recently changed from XP to windows 8.1, loaded classic shell on it and its is as easy to use as any Desktop PC. you can ignore the apps and most of the charms.

If your buying new use the latest Op system as the rumours are MS will offer a free upgrade to W9 if you have bought a PC with 8.1 on it.

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  chub_tor 16:37 23 Sep 2014

Windows 8.1 loads much faster than Windows 7 and if you do as Fruit Bat suggests and install Classic Shell (although personally I prefer Stardock Start 8 with ModernMix - low cost paid for programmes) you will have the look and all the advantages of Windows 7 with a much shorter start up time.

I use Windows 8.1 on a regular desktop, no touch screen, and find mouse control simple to use and over time I have actually got to quite like the tiled interface which I use at start up. Windows 8.1 allows you to boot directly into the Desktop if you prefer it that way.

  JoanneBonnett 16:39 23 Sep 2014

Ok thank you for that I will probably go for Windows 8.1 I think then. Fruit bat - I have re-opened my other thread and put more info about the problem on there - I just assumed that it was probably beyond repair.

  Gordon Freeman 20:24 23 Sep 2014

Def win 8.1

  Batch 08:45 24 Sep 2014

As I understand it, W8 appears to be faster at startup due to not fully shutting down in the first place - it uses a hibernate mode (see here).

My relatively lowly spec'd W7 desktop (i3-3240, standard 7200rpm HDD) takes about 30 seconds to cold boot (from hitting the power button to the desktop fully up). I'm sure if I used hibernate that would come down quite a bit - but why bother if it's only 30 secs).

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