Windows 7 Not Genuine Version

  foxy53 18:20 13 May 2012

Hi I've suddenly got a message saying the version of Windows 7 on my PC is not genuine. The PC bought from Chillblast is approx 9 months old & came with Windows 7 installed & I have the OEM disc & certificate of authentication attached to the PC, so believe it to be genuine. The message came after installing a new version Norton Internet Security 201. How do I rectify this situation please? Cheers Alan

  foxy53 18:22 13 May 2012

Norton Internet Security is 2012

  difarn 21:50 13 May 2012

To check if your Windows 7 is activated:-

Start - right click on computer - then on Properties - wait a few seconds and scroll to the bottom - it should tell you under Windows activation.

Here is a link to the Windows validation tool.

This comment appeared in a blog I was reading:-

"have you changed or upgraded any Hardware on your machine recently because if so then this would be why you have a message saying this copy of windows is not genuine if you have an OEM Machine. If it is OEM then what happens is the key is tied to the Hardware on that Manufacturer's computer hardware."

Try restoring your system to a time before the error message.

If the problem persists can I suggest that you ring the Microsoft Helpline here.

  Woolwell 17:05 14 May 2012

Have a look through this seven forum. Norton may have corrupted a file.

System restore to before the Norton installation.

  KRONOS the First 18:01 14 May 2012

Or just activate again but use the phone option instead.

  johndrew 09:39 18 May 2012

You may find this article of interest; especially the paragraph entitled, "Windows Genuine Advantage during patching?".

  john bunyan 11:53 18 May 2012

I agree with difarn. A few months ago a MS update caused a similar problem, only solved in the end by the MS team on the Phone.(They took control and sorted it. You need the activation code to hand.)

  foxy53 00:02 01 Jun 2012

Thanks everyone & sorry for not getting back sooner but been away on holiday & decided to investigate on my return in case I made matters worse before going away. I've tried the system restore & also used Acronis to restore to a point before I got the problem, neither worked still getting the "not genuine message". I'll try the support help line & advise what happens!!

  johndrew 13:53 01 Jun 2012

Did you read my link above?

If so and it failed to help, try the suggestion here titled "Most Helpful Reply".

  foxy53 18:34 06 Jun 2012

Thanks all, I eventually rang the MS help desk (used tel no. 01954 713950 rather than the 0844 number) & as John Bunyan indicates, they took over my PC & resolved, used a programme called "Fix-it". Even after this, I couldn't get any windows updates, so fully uninstalled Norton & used MS Security Essentials which cured the update problem. I've now re-installed Norton & everything working fine.

  john bunyan 19:08 06 Jun 2012

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