Windows 7 not detecting monitor using VGA input

  PCOddvisor 21:46 12 Jan 2012


My new PC with windows 7 won't detect my old Acer v243w monitor. I was hoping to use dual monitors, with this monitor connected via vga into the motherboard and my other monitor connected by DVI into the graphics card. The graphics card I am using is a Radeon HD6870. It has DVI slots and an HDMI slot but no VGA slot.

Even when the Acer is plugged into the motherboard by itself using VGA it does not get detected then either.

How can I solve this problem?

Is it simply a case of getting a lead which will convert my VGA lead from the Acer monitor into a DVI output which I can then plug into the graphics card?

Or perhaps there is a way of enabling VGA support, maybe via the graphics card or something? It seems odd to have a VGA socket in the motherboard if it is not going to work.

I don't know much about these things.

Any help would be appreciated


  chub_tor 22:05 12 Jan 2012

You don't say which motherboard you have but most of them with on-board graphics have this output automatically disconnected in the BIOS when another graphics card is used in the PCIe or AGP slot. You might try going into the BIOS to see if you change the setting to allow both outputs to be used.

  PCOddvisor 22:14 12 Jan 2012

Thanks for your reply!

The motherboard I am using is a P8Z68-VLX.

I will have a try looking at the BIOS, whatever that is :)

Assuming I am unsuccessful with this would buying a VGA-DVI lead to plug into the graphics card work?


  KRONOS the First 08:17 13 Jan 2012

Are you connecting your secondary monitor to the same graphics card as your main one?

  chub_tor 08:46 13 Jan 2012

I have downloaded your motherboard manual from Click Here and if you go to the section about the BIOS you will see that you need to go to the Advanced Tab, then click on >Onboard Devices Config. Section 2.5.2 of the manual under System Agent Configuration will tell you that to enable multiple monitors you need to change the iGPU setting from the default Disabled to Enabled, then you should be able to use the VGA output from the onboard graphics at the same time as the DVI/HDMI output from your graphics card.

  KRONOS the First 09:37 13 Jan 2012

You can use the method proposed by chub_tor or get a VGA to DVI converter, something like this: Convert. I have a similar setup with my Sapphire 6870.I have my main monitor connected to the HDMI port and my secondary to the one of the DVI slots via a converter.

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