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Windows 7 not booting (damaged sectors?)

  stonebird 15:20 26 Jan 2020

Hello, I have a double OS system, where a certain partition is used by Ubuntu, while another one is used by Windows. So, maybe prior to the last Windows update, I'm not able to boot the Windows OS correctly, not even in Safe Mode.

I still can use Ubuntu, although I had to correct some of the sectors which appeared to be damaged in order to keep logging into Ubuntu. And I think there may be more damaged blocks in the Windows NTFS partition, which is probably the reason why I can't access it.

Okay, I know that I can use badblocks under Ubuntu in order to try to 'fix' those blocks... and maybe after that format that partition, but there is some data on that partition I would like to recover somehow, if it's possible.

Is there any way to do that? Because I cannot access Windows (I don't know if there is some way to do it), nor I can mount that partition under Ubuntu (it throws me some errors). Would it be possible to repair the damaged blocks and still mount that partition? I don't want to try it without complete knowledge. Should I check if upgrading the BIOS may help? Or is there any other way to solve this problem?

Thank you in advance.

  wee eddie 16:00 26 Jan 2020

Buy a new Hard Drive, they are not expensive.

A couple of Bad Sectors can be easily dealt with, many Bad Sectors suggests that the Hard Drive is failing

  stonebird 19:40 26 Jan 2020

Okay, thank you @wee eddie, but is there any chance to recover the data from that partition?

  wee eddie 21:11 26 Jan 2020

Now, there's a leading question. I have no idea but, as it appears to be spinning up, it should be possible.

Others will advise there

  BRYNIT 21:59 26 Jan 2020

Never used Ubuntu so not sure but you can have a read of CLICK HERE from How To Geek it may help but will depend on how bad the HDD is.

1]: [click here

  stonebird 11:54 27 Jan 2020

Thanks BRYNIT, it couldn't help me although, that partition is still unmountable. :(

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:17 27 Jan 2020

Try booting from Ubuntu or windows on a USB stick and use that to repair the bad sectors.

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