Windows 7 .No audio

  vs6gyrob 16:01 21 Dec 2011

Hi all, ,will try to be brief and factual..! The Motherboard is Foxconn 945G7MD series,socket 775 Processor INtel Pentium dual CPU E2180 2GB,Memory(RAM) 4gb(3.24gb usable) System 64bit.. Two hard drives ,one with 2 x Windows XP (Pro) and the other 1TB with Windows 7 'Ulimate' installed.. Problem, Audio on the Win XP drives is fine and uses, Reaktek drivers. but on Win 7, device manager shows .High definition audio (S/PDIF ) device, and "this device is working properly". All I hear is a sharp cracking noise when switching on or off ! .. Can I change the S/PDIF device to Realtek with appropriate drivers . I seem to have tried almost everything else.. ! Glad for any help . Many thanks

  chub_tor 16:10 21 Dec 2011

In Win 7f you go to Control Panel, Hardware and Sound and click on Sound you should have a tabbed box pop up showing Playback Devices. Is one of these labelled Speakers? If so make it your Default Device and not the Digital S/PDIF which is a digital output.

  vs6gyrob 19:25 21 Dec 2011

Good evening chub-tor , thanks for your reply. Been through the suggestions you mention, before; just done it again.... no joy ! As you are well aware there is a panel showing various components, i.e speakers ,phones, twin cable connectors etc . Any one is connected as 'default' , but unfortunately makes no difference... My original thought was -as I mentioned ,- changing the device to Realtek as on my other drive..! How .? I'm not sure . Thanks anyway

  chub_tor 21:24 21 Dec 2011

this link will take you to the drivers page for your motherboard and the 4th item down are the Realtek Audio drivers. There does not seem to be any for Win 7 (click on the View Detail link) but there are Vista drivers that might work. Certainly worth downloading them and giving it a try to see if it shows up in Win 7 Device Manager and Control Panel.

  vs6gyrob 21:34 21 Dec 2011

O.K chub_tor, just got your message. Was about to switch off and checked.. Tomorrow will try your 'link' and let you know results, sounds good ! Thanks again

  rdave13 11:57 22 Dec 2011

Had a problem with my Foxconn onboard audio as it had no stereo-mix. Running Win 7 64-bit I tried this driver and even though it says 32-bit it works OK for me.

  chub_tor 13:15 22 Dec 2011

Ignore post from cathyacur, it looks like spam to me.

  vs6gyrob 10:32 23 Dec 2011

Hello,again chub_tor, my apologies for the delay in replyng , got 'roped in' for other mundane tasks.. Well after all the problems I loaded you with, and after going on the Realtek download sites, it suddenly dawned on me (twit that I am ), that tucked away with a stack of other old discs, that I actually had one, (a disc), for the Foxconn motherboard. complete with drivers!!!! Had'nt been used for the past 4 0r 5 years .. Problem solved, and I do apologise to you and anyone else who bothered to reply with offers of help May I wish you,, and all, a very Happy Christmas and a great New Year

  vs6gyrob 10:42 23 Dec 2011

Hi rdave13, Many thanks for your input regarding my problem. My apologies to you also for the delay in replying.. As you have probably read my earlier comments, to chub_tor; I actually had the answer 'all along'; , having a Foxconn motherboard disc , (tucked away ) I was halfway through downloading from the Realtek site when the thought 'struck' me ( Must 'get with it ' ) However , many thanks again , for your suggestions my best wishes to you and yours , Cheers

  chub_tor 12:45 23 Dec 2011

Glad you got it sorted out, the drivers on your disc won't be the latest, but if they work then I wouldn't bother trying to update them. "If it ain't broke then don't try and fix it," is a good axiom.

  vs6gyrob 11:50 24 Dec 2011

Hi Ibanez2010
thanks for the latest info, even though things seem to be O.K I much appreciate the info re Win7 updated drivers,( have bookmarked the site ) Will probably try it out at a later date ... Many thanks and a Happy Christmas to you and yours ...

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