Windows 7 - Media Player hotkeys?

  Suiag 05:02 19 Dec 2014

Hey all,

When I listen to music (using Spotify), I like to be able to skip, pause, and backtrack using the windows hotkeys that are on my laptop - Function+Home for Play/Pause, Function+Pg Up for Stop, Function+Pg Dn for Back, and Function+End for Next.

Problem is, if I am in, say, Google Chrome, so Spotify isn't the front window, and I go to click one of these hotkeys, it skips about 5 tracks, or it's like the play/pause thing plays and pauses twice, so it fades out then continues playing.

Can anyone help me on how to fix this? The hotkeys work fine when Spotify is the front window.

I have Windows 7 Home Premium installed on my laptop.

  Grilam 12:59 23 Dec 2014

Yeah, i`m actually down to realize how to fix it. Hopefully some1 will help. tq.

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