Windows 7 M y Photos

  susiepops 14:34 29 Oct 2009

In previous version of Windows photos could be dragged around a folder to rearrange the order (renaming afterward of course to retain the new order)

In Windows 7 individual photos seem to be locked into place, in say name order, and can only be dragged to another folder.

The same seems to apply to all folders.

Has anyone overcome this problem

  susiepops 10:25 31 Oct 2009

I am not sure whether my question has been overlooked or there is no solution to this problem that I find extremely irritating. (along with a few others in Windows 7).

Would be grateful for further consideration.

  rdave13 21:50 31 Oct 2009

Press the alt key to bring up the old fashioned file, edit, view etc., toolbar in case you need to change some settings. As far as rearranging your images within the folder then simply change the digital number of your jpeg (or whatever file you use) to rearrange the photos. 001 will show first but if you need an image to be before that one then change the digital number to 0001.
To edit any more images in order of appearance simply change the digital number of each image.
Not as quick as dragging but you know where every image's importance is.

  rdave13 21:56 31 Oct 2009

PS you can the rename the image file as you wish.

  susiepops 09:44 01 Nov 2009

Thanks for the 'Alt' hint. That was new to me. How frustrating that we now have this added task. Where's the 'if it 'aint broke don't fix it' gone?

I seem to be finding more irritations with windows 7 than I did with Vista (apart from better stability perhaps)

Renumbering individual files was always an answer of course but this is another irritation. With XP it was so easy to move files and then renumber en bloc. Vista allowed movement but completely messed up renumbering (Irfanview solved the problem but this was an unecessary additional task) Windows 7 is a further worsen from XP it seems.

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