Windows 7 - Love it!

  Tech Guy 20:45 20 Jan 2009

I run XP pro on my laptop and Vista SP1 on my desktop.

Just installed windows 7 (64bit clean install)into the desktop and have to say very impressed upto now. Runs smooth I say better than XP Pro SP3 and Vista SP1. I just love the layout, made a few tweeks and just love it up to now.

The only prob I had is I couldn't get the drivers for my Soundblaster XtremeMusic sound card, using the internal one now and have to say can't really tell the diference.

Very easy to use after about an hour of looking about.

  anskyber 22:56 20 Jan 2009

Well my experience is very much the same. I think that if people take the time to have a look about it will be a pleasant experience.

  Tech Guy 23:32 20 Jan 2009


Exactly. I read people slating it saying they would never justify upgrading to Windows 7 for business.

This is a beta version that is tested at HOME. Before people start jumping on me, I would not upgrade to Vista or Windows 7 for the work network either, as XP is tried and tested.

But for home windows 7 is just great

  iambeavis 11:30 21 Jan 2009

You can add me to the list of admirers. Much as I liked XP, I like Widows 7 even more. I'm a convert - no doubt about it!

  Tech Guy 12:27 21 Jan 2009

Everytime I use it, I find something that makes me like it more:

Press Ctrl and scroll the mouse - zoom in and out of the web page.

  crosstrainer 16:54 21 Jan 2009

...So far, all that stuff in control panel regarding touch screens etc, shows us the way they are thinking here. It boot's faster than Vista (on this machine it's as quick as XP pro) but remember, it's a BETA....Call me cynical if you like, but I bet the final code gets much, much bigger and slower.

  anskyber 19:19 21 Jan 2009

then shake one by the title bar....the others will minimise. To bring them back, shake again.

  Forum Editor 19:31 21 Jan 2009

It's behaving itself, and seems stable and fast. All my hardware works, as do all my software applications. I have no complaints, but then I didn't have any complaints about Vista.

  BurrWalnut 19:31 21 Jan 2009

Or dock a window to the border by dragging it (sort of throwing it) left, right, or up to maximise it (Win+Left Arrow, Win+Right Arrow dock, Win+Up Arrow to maximise).

  mammak 20:22 21 Jan 2009

I'm also loving Windows 7.

The power saving facility is excellent, my laptops battery seems to last forever.

All my software/hardware works really well, even a very old Epson C66 printer!

I will be reluctant to give it back come August.:-(

  Si_L 20:44 21 Jan 2009

The Ctrl + Scroll thing works on Vista.

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