Windows 7 Laptop - large screen recommendation?

  kwil2 04:35 12 Dec 2012

Hello... I want to buy a large-screen laptop to replace my Desktop. Not that long ago, I saw 22" screensize laptops from HP and Acer, but I can't find these anywhere now. They would have been ideal. Seems 17.6" screens are the largest at present. Also, I've no intention of being an 'early adopter' of Windows 8... Fallen for the Microsoft hype over substance only once...and that's enough.

Annoyingly, current laptops as far as I can see are preloaded with Win8...

So: I'm looking for a Win7 machine with preferably 8Gb DD3 RAM, 500Gb or more hard drive space, dedicated graphics and sound.

Can anyone direct me to or recommend/suggest a laptop that would suit my needs?

Many thanks

  Nontek 11:32 12 Dec 2012

I recently bought a laptop from Novatech with Win7 installed. It has the usual 17.5 widescreen, but I run it using a external 22" Samsung screen connected to VGA Port - works great.

  Nontek 11:33 12 Dec 2012

PS - my purchase was also to replace an old desktop which I had used for many years.

  Nontek 11:47 12 Dec 2012

This is mine ...

Novatech will install Win7 for you and the added advantage of absolutely no bloatware.

  kwil2 00:19 13 Dec 2012

Hello... Many thanks to you both for taking time to reply. Knew of Novatech but never thought to check. Good that they can customise.. Any others for comparison?... I should've added I'd prefer a quad-core chip with Win7...


  Nontek 09:11 13 Dec 2012


i3/i5/i7 are the latest processor lines these days, considered by most to be the best to-date.

i3 very good - i5 better - i7 best and top of the range. Just depends on you budget.

I use Novatech and IMHO comparison's are not necessary, they ARE the best!

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