Windows 7 key

  iqs 12:21 07 Feb 2013

Hi, My toshbia laptop died last year ,which was running w7 Can I use this licence key with my retail version of w7 on another pc ? Thank you

  chub_tor 13:16 07 Feb 2013

I presume that the Toshiba laptop came with Win 7 pre-installed by the OEM so that licence died with the laptop.

  chub_tor 13:18 07 Feb 2013

You might want to read this Click Here

  iqs 16:37 07 Feb 2013

Many thanks for the help :-)

  difarn 21:27 07 Feb 2013

Have a read of the post by Comrade58 in this article - he/she rang Microsoft and was successful in getting an activation key for an OEM licence.

  chub_tor 21:41 07 Feb 2013

difam, I read the link that you suggested and the comment below it. Personally I would not feel confident in trying to explain to Microsoft that I have ripped apart my laptop and that I am going to use some of the parts and sell others on ebay so please can I re-use my oem licence.

I have done that with retail licences that I have purchased, but would not try it with an oem license.

  difarn 08:54 08 Feb 2013


The article I posted was not the only comment I have come across where the writer had been successful in obtaining a key, particularly when just transferring it to another pc and if it is for use on only one pc. Obviously it is at the discretion of whoever you speak to at Microsoft but it has been done.

The comments made by you in respect of ripping a laptop apart etc don't apply to the poster of this post.

  chub_tor 09:22 08 Feb 2013

The comments made by you in respect of ripping a laptop apart etc don't apply?

Why not? The first sentence is.....My Toshiba laptop died.....

  iqs 16:02 08 Feb 2013

Hi, I would like to reuse the key ,being an honest prison ,I wouldn't feel happy supplying Microsoft with inaccurate information . It's a shame you can't reuse an oem key,I bought the laptop/ key ,a quick honest phone call should be all thats required . Never mind Thank again for all the help

  difarn 16:11 08 Feb 2013


You have nothing to lose by making a "quick, honest, phone call".

  chub_tor 16:44 08 Feb 2013

If you call Microsoft and ask them if you can transfer an OEM license they will either refer you to their website or they will simply say no.

What those people on the site linked to by difarn have done is to do the installation and then try to see if they can activate it. Some say that it has activated automatically or if not then they are given a phone number to call to speak to an activation rep. It is then that they have to explain what changes they have made to their system (and as far as I can tell none of them have done it with a laptop) and after that they have had their license activated.

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