windows 7 issues on startup

  shreked 20:29 03 Mar 2018

Hi I have a PC with windows 7 and it keeps coming up with auto repair option on system start up and it wont let me change to start windows normally and I have to wait for it to time out and then run autorepair.

It does that and windows starts up but then comes up with the blue windows background screen and nothing else, The only way I can get out of it is to power off using power button.

Unless it me i tried doing the F8 for advanced start up options and it doing nothing

Any Ideas.


  MJS WARLORD 15:04 05 Mar 2018

depending on the make of your pc some boot options are accessed by tapping f5 instead of f8 , you might find something in f5 to help you.

  shreked 20:49 05 Mar 2018

ive tried F5 of which it is on my PC and it still doing nothing.

All its letting me do is access the BIOS and there no option on there to reset it.

Any Ideas?

  jraj 07:35 07 Mar 2018

Here you have to use the OS dvd. You go to bios change the boot order to dvd and then reboot. While windows install screen comes, just select repair and then in the menu select startup repair. It will start, if prompted, click yes to restore the pc to previous restore points. It will take some time and if it says reboot, reboot and after reboot to normal windows, just do chkdsk /f/r to fid any errors in the system. If it fails , then there is nothing you could do except to reinstall windows

  shreked 08:11 07 Mar 2018


Ive not got the op system dvd. I will look in bios to see where I change what to start using when booting but I couldn’t see originally but will look again. Is it under basic or advanced bios settings?

  jraj 08:28 07 Mar 2018

It is in advanced boot menu. Normally containing boot priority tab.

  jonaroy 07:28 09 Mar 2018

Check for the Windows Advanced Options Menu.Power off your computer and then restart it. Immediately start tapping the key until the Advanced Options Menu appears.If the problem still persists, skip to Windows Repair Installation.

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