Windows 7 iso - 99gig?

  jimforrest 13:35 20 Feb 2015

Following advice from the Forum I was about to make an image of my comp onto a DVD using Win's image maker - but I noticed that it says it could be 99gig! My C drive, with all my data on it, is 98gig or more than 20 DVD's!

Clearly if it is going to be that big I will put it on an HDD - however, is there a way of making a 'reduced' iso? I mean one that has the Win7 system files and drivers on (without first removing all the data files)?

And - why does Windows invariably cock-up CD & DVD formatting? It always says they need formatting - and invariably says it couldn't complete the format and that the disk is now unusable? Nero has no such problems and just copies onto the disks.

  onthelimit1 13:40 20 Feb 2015

Use ImgBurn from here. W7 iso fits on one DVD.

  robin_x 13:47 20 Feb 2015

Windows System Images are indeed very large.

The only way you can do it is very soon after doing a clean install before adding your data and apps.

Do a clean install, do all Windows Updates, add Firefox or Chrome, tinker with a few settings then create the Image and it should fit on 3 or 4 DVDs.

Don't setup anything that requires personal data and passwords, eg e-mail, you don't want that on your Clean Set.

Further Images should be made to ext HDD

  robin_x 13:49 20 Feb 2015

Run Disk Cleanup before making image and/or install and run Ccleaner

  robin_x 13:54 20 Feb 2015

Oh and if your Recovery Partition is included in the Image, you are efectively doubling the size required and you will need 6-8 DVDs.

  alanrwood 19:50 20 Feb 2015

Unless you are using re-writable (DVR-RW) DVD disks you should not format as it is not required. Normal DVDs (DVD-R) are only for a single use.

  jimforrest 21:34 20 Feb 2015

I put an external DVD/CD writer on the USB port and it worked fine. It looks like the internal optical drive is knackered (and it's not very old!)

  rdave13 22:25 20 Feb 2015

Windows image maker? What's that?

  robin_x 23:11 20 Feb 2015

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