Windows 7 Harddrive Problems After Unexpected Shutdown

  AraHub 21:28 25 Dec 2014

Hey guys,

I have been having some serious issues with my computer after an unexpected shutdown happened a few weeks ago. The computer has gotten slower and slower and I have been getting error messages about the SATA. I suspected the harddrive was the culprit (as an issue like this did happen in the past). I have tried removing the harddrive to check for any hardware/wiring problems and I can't seem to find any.

The PC will occasionally go into windows repair, but it doesn't solve anything. After a while, the computer has gotten so slow that even if I do manage to get it to boot into desktop, it will be extremely slow. Slow to the point where I cant open anything and I am forced to pull the plug on it to shut it down.

Is there any way to fix my harddrive problem? It is a 2TB Hitachi harddrive from 2010. Aside from the one hiccup it received last year, it hasn't shown any problems in its career.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  rdave13 22:11 25 Dec 2014

NO. It's a dying drive no doubt. Install in a caddy and get all your document files off it as soon as you can.

I wouldn't even consider a drive half the size if I had the OS on it.

  AraHub 00:26 26 Dec 2014

Yeah, I figured it was dying. :( Any idea on what I should replace the drive with? I've considered upgrading to an SSD, but they're still a bit too expensive for me.

  rdave13 00:32 26 Dec 2014

I'd go for a small drive (120GB or higher) for the OS and buy another drive for data. So if your C drive goes belly up your data will be ok as long as you have other backups.

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