Windows 7 first time boot error of usb

  Owen benson 15:38 13 Jan 2019

Hi, i have just built a new pc and I am trying to install windows 7 from a usb with it on.However when I do this an error message appears saying windows failed to start and the boot selection ailed because a required device is inaccessible. I have put the usb to 1st priority on the bios and have tried most things . Any help please thanks.

  lotvic 00:35 14 Jan 2019

It is unclear from your post, are you saying you have installed Windows 7 on C: drive and then it doesn't boot into it because bios is still set boot from usb?

Or do you mean you can't get Windows 7 to install from the usb?

or are you stuck somewhere inbetween the above two scenarios?

You say you have tried most things, but don't say what things.

Is this tutorial any help click here

  wee eddie 01:22 14 Jan 2019

Assuming that your MOBO, Processor and GPU are modern. It unlikely that Windows 7 has suitable Drivers

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