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  shreked 22:13 29 Jan 2018

Hi as anyone any ideas why, I have my PC formatted and windows 7 installed and it keep freezing up and takes 3-4 minutes to start up and shut down and sometime have to crash it to shut down.

I tried windows update and that done somethings but still extremely slow.

Anyone got any ideas or websites they use to scan complete pc and operating system for errors?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:17 29 Jan 2018
  1. bad memory - run a memory test

  2. corrupted hard drive - run a scan of you drive

  3. virus or malware - what antivirus have you got installed? run it and look for virus and malware.

  Forum Editor 22:35 29 Jan 2018

Moved to the Windows Help forum from Tech Helproom.

  Ryan Stevens 08:16 02 Feb 2018

Friend, I will suggest you to start using Windows 10 because its the latest Operating System and also fast than Windows 7 and 8.

  Muc Sby 08:32 02 Feb 2018

Have you use windows 7 legitimate key ? Is it use only windows defender with update ? Do you use another antivirus ?

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