Windows 7 disk and serial key given to charity.

  JimmyShnugems 15:06 13 Jan 2014

Posted 1 minute ago

When I moved house I gave a box of things to Oxfam because I was feeling kind hearted. By mistake my:

Windows 7 install disk, and The serial key(inside box)

were inside said charity box.

Last week my SSD failed and I have to buy a new one. What do I do about windows? I know windows is saved uniquely to my system but this is a new drive.

I built the computer myself, so can't go back to the supplier. I have the receit for windows plus I have the dead drive if any of these things will help?



  lotvic 17:07 13 Jan 2014

Probably best to stick to your other thread in General Helproom as it has responses, click here

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