Windows 7 CPU Usage 100% Constantly

  skullkid94 01:46 03 Jan 2017

I'm concerned that the main programs using CPU may be viruses. The 100% usage is constant as if its stuck and occurs even with no applications running. colliers.exe usually using 70-90% If I watch long enough every now and then it trades out with TrustedInstaller (cause that's not a fishy name at all) using around 50%. IF these are viruses I'd like to add that I've scanned and eliminated threats with Norton, AVG, and MalwareBytes.

How can I stop them? And if these are viruses, how can I be rid of them?

  Archonar 08:36 03 Jan 2017

Trustedinstaller is safe and high cpu usage is normal - see this page for more details: click here

Colliers.exe isn't something I've ever heard of before, and not something I can find with a google search either so that is very unusual - is that definitely the right name?

  rdave13 08:54 03 Jan 2017

Same as Archonar, colliers.exe is a puzzle. Noticed you are running Norton, which has an AV, and also AVG. Running two AV's creates conflict. If the Norton suit you are running has an AV then you need to search for AVG's removal tool to uninstall it.

Tips on using the task manager.

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