Windows 7 CPU Usage 100% Constantly

  skullkid94 01:46 03 Jan 2017

I'm concerned that the main programs using CPU may be viruses. The 100% usage is constant as if its stuck and occurs even with no applications running. colliers.exe usually using 70-90% If I watch long enough every now and then it trades out with TrustedInstaller (cause that's not a fishy name at all) using around 50%. IF these are viruses I'd like to add that I've scanned and eliminated threats with Norton, AVG, and MalwareBytes.

How can I stop them? And if these are viruses, how can I be rid of them?

  Archonar 08:36 03 Jan 2017

Trustedinstaller is safe and high cpu usage is normal - see this page for more details: click here

Colliers.exe isn't something I've ever heard of before, and not something I can find with a google search either so that is very unusual - is that definitely the right name?

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