Windows 7 counterfeit

  tobyjug2007 17:53 13 Mar 2011

I have recently bought a second-hand PC, 4GB RAM, runs fine, very happy with it till i discovered its not a Genuine version of Windows 7. Using the 32 bit option. Whats the best solution anyone? can i get (buy) a genuine serial number, i cant afford to buy another PC, but i like windows 7 so much better than xp would i need to replace the Hard drive, i am at my wits end as the best solution, i would obviously purchase a genuine copy of Windows 7, can i ring Microsoft and explain the situation, i have no idea which build of Windows 7 it is except it says windows Ultimate, and ideas would be most welcome please?
Thank you

  a member 21:07 13 Mar 2011

no need to panic, you have several options ,but you dont say why you think its not genuine .
was it a privately biult PC or was it a known maker ,(dell/hp/toshiba/etc.)
are you getting a nag screen from WGA saying "this copy of windows is not genuine" or are you met by a login screen that wont allow you any further until you activate .

  a member 21:14 13 Mar 2011

sometimes system files get corrupted or deleted by accident ,windows Genuine Advantage software ,will see that as tampering and inform you the PC is not genuine .
if its an ex production PC dell /hp etc. I would call microsoft in many cases they will do some checks and often talk you through repairing or activating it if the above was true .if it is counterfiet software they will offer you the chance to make it legal by buying it legally ,you can decline thier offer if its too much "microsoft arnt the cheapest" in which case you will be informed that you cannot use it until you purchase it legally .your other option is simply to shop around and buy yourself the full version . home premium is the normal version most users purchase .

  tobyjug2007 00:04 14 Mar 2011

Someone has just built this PC, (no manufacturer showing) i get a message every time i reboot the machine saying this copy of windows is not genuine one at the bottom right near the taskbar, and upon reboot a balloon pops up from the taskbar saying the same thing, apart from that most things seem to work ok, i just dont want to use a PC that has illegal software installed, i cant afford a new PC, however if possible i would buy a genuine copy of Windows 7, i agree that Home Premium seems the most popular but the one i purchased second hand says Windows 7 Ultimate, so i would imagine i cant downgrade to Premium when Ultimate is installed? I feel sure if i bought a full version of windows 7 Premium, popped the disc in the drive it would state there is already a version of Win7 Ultimate installed, do microsoft have a contact number in the UK, thats my predicament at the moment, thanks

  rdave13 00:24 14 Mar 2011
  dororof 06:33 14 Mar 2011

click here
You could go here,follow the thread and try the diagnostic tool then post for a reply.

  a member 08:24 14 Mar 2011

windows utimate cannot be upgraded as its the top version to start with I suggested you get home premium because you will have to do a full install in any case .and it will, if you choose custom install format and overwrite your current installation with a new fresh one .
save anything you want to keep to external drive or dvd,s and go for it .but you should definately contact microsoft first ,you may still recover the one you got . the "illegal" nag screen is not allways right and sometimes the result of virus or file deletion/corruption. either way its not going to get you in to trouble ,you bought it in good faith . they will simply advise you .

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