Windows 7 This copy of Windows is not genuine

  douglas1973 20:29 25 Nov 2011

I have Windows 7 Professional installed on my computer but today see on the bottom right hand side of my desktop the following: "Windows 7 Build 7601. This copy of Windows is not genuine". I am certain it is genuine - I bought it from Microsoft itself! What do I do?

  john bunyan 20:31 25 Nov 2011

I would telephone MS _ I found them quite helpful after an update caused a reistration problem Have the product key ready.I think the MS tech support site eventually lets you phone!

  difarn 13:33 26 Nov 2011


This could be because of a conflict with any anti-virus programmes that you have running.

Try this diagnostic test

to see if it helps.

  douglas1973 21:02 26 Nov 2011

Thank you both. This morning I turned on my computer and "Windows 7 Build 7601. This copy of Windows is not genuine" was no longer on my desktop! Incidentally, I tried to phone Microsoft UK last night and in the process, and after entering the Product Key of Windows 7 Professional" (acquired in the U.K.), a message appeared stating that the key was not a key pertaining to the U.K. (or words to that effect)! so I could not proceed any further. Yesterday afternoon (before I got "Windows 7 Build 7601. This copy of Windows is not genuine" on my desktop) I uninstalled Internet Explorer 9 (thus reverting to version 8) because I was constantly getting blank pages in version 9 and was fed up with it. I wonder if this caused the problem?

  difarn 21:30 26 Nov 2011


Glad it is sorted - an update for Internet Explorer 9 could well have caused the problem.

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