Windows 7 Boot failure.....wont even go into safe mode....HELP!!!

  arnab13 09:39 24 Jan 2012

Hi my computer has recently went to the windows restor screen and it did a diagnosis because my computer wont turn on. well it cant find any problems and it always goes to this windows repair thing. and? after it says no problem it shuts itself down! i have been trying for the last 2hours to find out whats wrong with it but what ever i try, its not working at all. It just keeps on restarting itself.

Edit : i tried to go on to safe mode but i cant even go on to that......whenever i try to go on safe mode, it tries to go on to safe mode but after about a min or so, it just restarts it self Can someone please help me???

Also please please dont say, take it to a professional or wt eva cos my dad is in charge of all those and he will kill me if i did that and i havent got any of the CDs with me cos they are with my dad nd i dont wanna go to him nd tell him i destroyed his desktop

  Ibanez2010 11:30 24 Jan 2012

Leave it to your Dad, he might know what to do. It's his computer after all!

  arnab13 11:33 24 Jan 2012

yhh but i dont wanna him to see it broken down by me. And he wont be back untill the end of next week, so i cant really afford to wait for me for that long. Do you have any idea what may have caused this?

  mgmcc 13:10 24 Jan 2012

From the same menu that you selected "Safe Mode", can you boot the "Last Known Good Configuration"?

  arnab13 16:43 24 Jan 2012

noo i just tried that and it still doesnt work. I am uploading a video of this onto youtube of exactly what is wrong with my computer. If u just hold on for about 20mins or so, i will put the link in here once it has finished uploading lol

  arnab13 17:17 24 Jan 2012

here is the link to the youtube video i was telling you about before

  Ibanez2010 17:27 24 Jan 2012

What happens when you scroll down and choose "start windows normally"?

  arnab13 17:39 24 Jan 2012

exactly the same thing as to what happens in the just restarts it self and goes on to trying to repair it but then a message comes up, with the option of sending some information or not.

  Ibanez2010 17:46 24 Jan 2012

Unplug all peripherals plugged into the PC such as printers, mice, usb connections etc. Apart from the monitor. Try "disable automatic restart on system failure" then try to start it normally. If there is a recovery partition on the hard drive you could try to "repair your computer". Otherwise I think you're going to need the discs.

  arnab13 22:04 24 Jan 2012

i tried that but that didnt work as well. I have managed to get hold of a repair disc from a mate of mine but i dont know what to do with it. He sent it to me, in my email, in a ISO format

  Ibanez2010 06:13 25 Jan 2012

You need to burn the ISO to CD or DVD. Download Imgburn and burn the ISO as a disc image. Do not just copy this iso image to disc. Then you should be able to boot from this new disc and see what options you get then.

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