Windows 7 Backup and Restore Program

  Drjh68 17:13 20 Sep 2014

I recently incorrectly used Windows 7 Backup and Restore by selecting the destination as Disk J on my computer. But then I discovered that using a disk on the same computer as the backup data is not a good idea.

So I deleted it all from Disk J and tried to load it into my Seagate Expansion drive, which uses disk I. Disk I showed up correctly as the destination for the Seagate external disk.

But when I re-started the Windows Backup, the latter showed that it was going to transfer the data to Disk J (again). It was impossible to delete or change destination J. So I have reached an impasse.

Any advice as to how to get Windows Backup to accept I as the destination gratefully received.


  northumbria61 05:03 21 Sep 2014

In Computer Management - Disk 0 will show as Local Disk (C:) Disk 1 will be allocated Local Disk (J:)

I have 2 separate internal hard drives that show as above - Disk 0 (or C) is my main disk which contains my O.S. and programs etc. Disk 1 (J) is my Back-Up

  northumbria61 05:05 21 Sep 2014

You can Change Drive Letters but why bother.

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