Windows 7 backup error 0x81000039

  Ninko 23:19 27 Mar 2017

Hi, I'm trying to back up my computer (Windows 7 Pro) to my synology NAS but keep getting this error, The specified network name is no longer available, error 0x81000039.

Any help please?


  Archonar 08:56 28 Mar 2017

Have you tried the marked answer on this thread: click here

  Ninko 20:53 30 Mar 2017

I did yeah, it didn't fix the problem.

Any other ideas?



  Archonar 08:17 31 Mar 2017

Have you tried disabling your firewall while you do the share?

  Ninko 17:20 01 Apr 2017

Just tried that, same error. It only appears to give the error near the end of the backup, when it's creating a system image.

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