Windows 7 & Windows Live Mail or Windows Mail ?

  Audio~~Chip 22:57 19 Dec 2011


Last time I installed 7 on my machine I downloaded Windows Mail which was bearable. then with this new machine with Windows 7 64bit, I downloaded Windows Mail which ended up being Live Mail!

Not happy with all the extra toolbar options at the top of the Live mail Programme. What happend to Windows Mail has it been replaced or am i missing the download for the non Live mail version ?

I know Outlook Express doesn't run on 7 64bit or I would have that.

  difarn 06:59 20 Dec 2011

Microsoft has caused a great deal of confusion with Hotmail, Live Hotmail, Windows Mail and now Windows Live Mail. Windows Mail has indeed been replaced by Windows Live Mail and support for Windows Mail has been discontinued - have a look at this article, it may explain it in a bit more depth and offer alternatives if you are seeking them.

You mention the extra toolbar options. I don't have any of these. Perhaps it is something that is included when you download Windows Live Mail with Internet Explorer or perhaps there were options not to install them - can't remember now. I use Firefox.

  difarn 07:21 20 Dec 2011

I use Thunderbird to collect all of my e-mail accounts without any problems. However, I also do use my Windows Live Mail Account as it is very handy having something that is accessible wherever you are in the world. I must say I have not had any problems with it, so far but I do make a point of clearing out my inbox and sent items very regularly - anything important I put onto my PC in a word document, or whatever. The one positive point about Windows Live Mail is that there is a back up of your contact list "in the cloud".

  Audio~~Chip 12:50 20 Dec 2011

Thanks difarn & ibanez2010 !

Its another unwanted change then by Microsoft, layout it ugly. I got the option when installing to tick what I wanted and just selected Live Mail nothing else. I will read that article you point me to later tonight when I manage to get 5mins to myself (I hope)

Thank you to both or you and wish you a Big Happy Merry Christmas !

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