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windows 7 & vista to 10 upgrade

  boatmoter 22:16 12 Sep 2019

Hi all, hope your having a great day.. I have a few desktop's I would like to upgrade, I have 3 that have windows 7 that I installed not long ago.. and I have a desktop with vista that came with it from the factory, it has the product key on the case, the other 2 I did a fresh install of win 7 pro.. they both have their own keys that come with the installation disc, I have 2 later desktops that have win 10 in them with separate keys and disc,heres the question.. can I upgrade the pc's with the win 7 using the win 10 disc from my other pc's and use the key from the win 7 to activate it??,would like to get win 10 in all of them.. Thanks guy's..

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