Windows 7 Account Pictures

  Portly 11:02 01 Feb 2011

Morning all. Many months since I had to look for help here, but this has me completely stuck. Please note that I am concerned about the Account Holder Sign in screen. I have no problem with other display issues or desktop sizes.

We have had to replace my good ladies PC, and have a Windows 7 64 bit OS. On the sign in screen, the account Icons are very small i.e about a centimetre square on the screen, and the account names underneath are tiny. Almost un readable. Setting graphics resolution to its absolute minimum, has a little effect but nothing worthwhile. She uses an LG Flatron L1715S monitor.

Please, has anyone any idea how to increase the size of the account holders picture and text. Please note that we know how to change the picture, it is the size that is the problem.

( Who said size didn't matter ?? )

Ta !!!!!

  rdave13 14:26 01 Feb 2011

I've found this tweeker but never used it so can't recommend or otherwise; click here

  rdave13 15:18 01 Feb 2011

Unfortunately the file is locked so can't be downloaded. Can't find any other tweaking software that can do it either, sorry.

  Portly 16:04 01 Feb 2011

rdave13, thanks. Pity that I can't download it, because it appears to do exactly what we need. Does encourage me though, that someone at least can resize the sign in buttons.

  rdave13 19:03 01 Feb 2011

Found a download site; click here
Download it to your desktop then use something like 7-zip to extract. Run the .exe file from the folder.
It looks like it superimposes user icons on top of the original and you can change the sizes.
Now I've been playing with it a short while but on a Vista machine. So far I've just been able to change the Vista logo to Windows 8.....
I think you might need to search for help using this app so worth using google to se if any forums available.
Good luck.

  Portly 19:10 01 Feb 2011

rdave13, thankyou for your help. I will have a look at this one later.

  Portly 20:07 01 Feb 2011

rdave. Hmm. had a look and read the user comments. Seems a clever lad, but I notice that it over writes two system files without any means of restoring if the app does not work. Think that I will have to chichen out of it at the moment, until I can get a system image.

With all of the change options built in, I wonder why MS leave the login screen in such a crap state.

  rdave13 20:43 01 Feb 2011

I agree and I was trying it out with the wrong os.
I prefer cloning to images, though.
The version in my second link does not seem quite the same as the first link.
Still my Vista logon screen is now Windows 7 Proffesional.. :), having played around further, but I couldn't find a way of loading images from the bitmap folder to the logon screen to superimpose the original logon tiles (or icons).
I'm giving up now as, I've just dipped into the waters, it look like an interesting project.
Let us know if you get any further with this. Will be interesting as Microsoft says it's a no-no without third party tweaksters.

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