Windows 7 64 bit vista 32 bit dual boot

  LenR1 21:28 08 Aug 2013

my PC blow m/board, so after pricing up parts, bought a new PC running windows7 now I have a 1 TB hard drive from my old PC in new PC photo's etc open perfect, but some things won't, so is there a way of dual booting, with out messing up programs on the old drive running Vista

  lotvic 22:12 08 Aug 2013

I don't think your old Vista hard drive will boot up into Vista, it will have the wrong motherboard drivers on it. Also Vista will have been activated on the hardware hash (identity) of the old pc. Some say that a Repair Install sometimes works. You could try that out by removing the new harddrive W7 and connecting the old drive in it's place and then boot up.

To get the Boot Manager to dual boot requires one of the OS's to be clean installed AFAIK click here

  LenR1 08:12 09 Aug 2013

Thanks for reply, I am aware of drivers being different, I have unplugged w7 drive & Vista does not boot, but I think there is a way of having a system partation, that both w7 & Vista O.S. can share, but not sure if this means clean install, The repair is another way I was going to try, but don't want to loose any files on Vista drive, then it would be possible to upgrade the Vista drive to W7 32 bit cheers Len

  Chronos the 2nd 09:41 09 Aug 2013

Why not just copy all your files ETC from the Vista HDD? Programs will need to be freshly installed of course. Then if you still want Vista as a dual boot then fresh install it.

  lotvic 21:28 09 Aug 2013

On re-reading your opening post - is the real problem that the programs you need to open some of the files are on your Vista hdd and your W7 doesn't have the same programs installed that you need to open the files?

If so what programs are they and what are the file extensions (the three letters after the dot, .doc .xls etc)

If you do not have the programs and their product keys so cannot install them on your W7 there are probably free programs you can download to open and use the files.

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