Windows 7 64 bit version?

  TopCat® 14:54 16 Jul 2009

I currently have Win XP and I'm considering pre-ordering Win7 Professional e. Is there a 64 bit version of this O/S available, please, as I want to take advantage of the extra recognised memory option this gives. The O/S will be installed on a new top grade Intel i7 920 CPU computer which will also be used for the latest games.

I'm going for the professional version of Win7 as it will allow me to run some Windows XP productivity apps. I appreciate any useful pros and cons on my O/S selection and many thanks for your help. TC.

  ol blueeyes 15:36 16 Jul 2009

Apparently 32 & 64 are available on the same Disc

  laurie53 19:58 16 Jul 2009

Just a word of caution.

Having been very satisfied with the 32 bit RC I decided to try the 64 bit version.

I found it very flaky and unstable (on two computers), and having tried it for a week to see if it would stabilise I uninstalled and went back to the 32 bit version

  TopCat® 00:21 17 Jul 2009

Thanks for the caution, laurie53, I'll check around online to see if others have had similar problems. TC.

  laurie53 07:38 17 Jul 2009
  tigertop2 08:43 17 Jul 2009

Topcat, since you will get both 32 and 64 bit versions if you purchase W7 I suggest you hold off loading the 64 bit version until such time as you can see it has settled down and is without major bugs-which will I am sure , happen

  a member 09:21 17 Jul 2009

Yes 32 and 64 bit versions will be on the disc ,but be warned you will only be able to use the version you pay for ,if you buy it as 32bit you will get a product key that will only work with that version and vice versa .
yes 64 bit is much better (in theory) but as so many good programs dont yet support 64bit you will be limited as to what you can use , and although 64bit OSs have a 32bit compatibility mode ,this often does not work with some older programs .
I have been testing win 7 since its first beta and am currently testing the latest version 7600 that is rtm branch (microsoft have denied it ) but it is . and there is no noticable performance increase from 32 to 64bit.
64 bit is much more secure ,but again this can be to your disadvantage sometimes ,as its very fussy as to what it will allow to run .

  Proclaimer 11:45 17 Jul 2009

I have installed the x64 on my core i7 PC and in to date I have had just one BSOD caused by a third party program.

I have not found any loading/running problems with any program that I use on my XP-Pro x32 Platform, so far.

I can even run European Air War (from 1996) on the platform.

  GaT7 14:49 17 Jul 2009

I have the 64-bit running on an old S939 system with no problems whatsoever. G

  TopCat® 20:52 17 Jul 2009

I wanted to pre-order Win7 now as there is currently a good discount offered off the proposed retail price. I reckon I'll chance the x64 Pro version and trust the retail release versions will be more stable. TC.

  Rob_08 21:26 17 Jul 2009

When you pre buy on amazon how the hell do you know if you a 32bit license or a 64bit license ? no where does it state what you get. !!!

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