windows 7

  Teaboy 17:56 25 Jun 2009

Am I right? Is MS selling windows 7 in the EU with no upgrade version being available. That is if you want it you must buy the full version! along with all the hustle of a complete reinstall!

They have got to be jesting.

  Forum Editor 18:12 25 Jun 2009

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  OTT_Buzzard 19:49 25 Jun 2009

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I found the article a bit confusing, but seems to say that although no upgrade version will be available, the full version in Europe will be priced the same as an upgrade upgrade anyway (£79.99 for Home Premium). This seems to be a far better deal than for Vista / XP.

  iscanut 21:20 25 Jun 2009

I am confused..if no upgrade version available to EU users, how will I move from XP and/or Vists. Will the full version just install over any older version ?

  Teaboy 17:08 26 Jun 2009


I don't think that it will be possible to install on top of existing OS. If it were that would be an upgrade! I can only see a full installation job being possible.

  audeal 21:09 11 Jul 2009

iscanut: Maybe when installing W7 you will be given the option to format the drive and then install automatically.

  AlanHo 21:23 11 Jul 2009

The problem is not of Microsoft's making. Our idiotic Eurocrats will not let them sell Windows 7 with Internet Explorer included. Hence MS have had to strip IE from Windows 7 for the Europe market - they call it Windows 7E.

MS have yet to find a reliable way of installing Windows 7 on top of XP or Vista as an upgrade that removes Internet Explorer. Hence the need for a clean install.

In any event - it is always wise when changing from one OS to another - to reformat and start with a nice clean system

  GaT7 00:38 12 Jul 2009

One can use the disc supplied with the offer to do an upgrade - see PCA's own article & experience regarding this click here, & this needs a prior installation Vista - i.e. the same with Win7's upgrade-only version.

If you have XP or prior OSes, one can perform a fresh install only - again, the same with Win7's upgrade-only version. G

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