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Windows 10 - various questions

  laptopdunce 11:52 04 Jul 2017

Windows 10 laptop, One thing I would first like to alter is the log in wnen I turn the laptop on, when I first set it up it asked me to sign in with a microsoft hotmail email address, which I did and now it always asks me to sign in with the password of my hotmail account (which is very long and I cant always remember very well) I had a 4 figure pin code on the other W8 laptop that was much better, in fact do I really need a PIN code/password to access the laptop? if so, I would like to change it to a 4 digit PIN code, so how do I do that? thanks - I have been into ebay and it seems to be running faster now but havent tried to load any photos yet, I think I need to install Adobe flash player and Acrobat reader on this laptop, also I would like to stop the free trial of the microsoft word that I inadvertently got waylaid into accepting, it keeps sending me unwanted emails, I didnt have a WP programme at all on the W8 one as I only used notepad and word pad for making labels and typing letters - I dont do any spreadsheets and fancy stuff, thanks laptopdunce

  john bunyan 11:12 06 Jul 2017

PS I referred to upgrades to W 10 and major updates. See

windows 10 restore points

  laptopdunce 12:26 06 Jul 2017

I got a page come up saying that as I am useing an adblocker I cant see that windows 10 restore points page, so as I understand it, I have to set the windows 10 to make automatic restore points myself? i will check on google for this, how often will it make a restore point as I only really use this laptop for one week and then not for two weeks. I am hoping this one will not fail after only 2.5 years like w8 one did! very disappointing and expensive exercise that whole shambles, this is why I had to buy the new W10 laptop, thanks laptopdunce

  laptopdunce 12:48 06 Jul 2017

I looked at this one on google, Im not sure if I want to have it make a restore point every time I turn the computer on as it is turned on and off twice a day, click here and Im not sure I want to start messing about in the registry with a download programme on a brand new laptop. laptopdunce

  Forum Editor 17:01 06 Jul 2017

john bunyan

Confusion reigns on the restore point issue. Microsoft originally disable the default automatic restore point system for Windows 10 because the company wanted to keep disk-space usage to a minimum - so Windows 10 would run on older machines that might have smaller hard drive capacities.

However... industry experts have revealed that (for some undisclosed reason) automatic restore points are enabled by default for many machines.

You are right to point out the issue however, as my post was probably a bit misleading. To save laptopdunce the trouble of searching he should click here to find out how to set it all up.

  laptopdunce 18:52 06 Jul 2017

OK I have followed the instructions in that link for the system restore, it was all enabled already and has 1% of the disk space allocated (which is over 9gb on this 1tb drive so left that as it was) I didnt really notice anything about setting up restore points at various time/boot slots, so just left it was it was. I did a manual system restore yesterday that I looked back up. thanks laptopdunce

  john bunyan 08:21 07 Jul 2017

I would allocate a bit more space for restore- say 3%. Use CCleaner tools occasionally to delete all but the latest 2. Suggest a virus / malware scan prior to a manual restore creation

  laptopdunce 09:12 07 Jul 2017

Just a little point, After all the hassle I had with the W8 laptop and eventually got fixed due to one of the members here (wont mention names!!!) who got it to pair with the wifi router after a long routemetout with TalkTalk who couldnt do it, but after using the Ethernet cable for a while it suddenly did reconnect via wifi, anyway, I notice on this new W10 laptop that the yellow ethernet cable socket looks like it has a lift up latch and I have to take the yellow rubber grommet right off the cable to get the ethernet cable into this socket - this is the right socket to put the ethernet cable in isnt it? (just in case I ever come across that problem pairing it to the router again, thanks laptopdunce

  laptopdunce 10:31 08 Jul 2017

Cortana?? What is this "cortana" thing supposed to be for? I keep getting a page popping up if I am looking into files or photos saying "cortana kan hulp you find things easier" - is it worth using this?? seems a strange add-on when its easy to go into files straight from the task bar where the file folder is anwyay? thanks laptopdunce - I have also managed to bypass the microsoft hotmail log in page so I can just open the laptop directly with a PIN code, I think this is better and wont keep sending my browsing history to microsoft?? as I use the google chrome as default browser anyway. thanks laptopducne

  lotvic 20:20 08 Jul 2017

How to turn off Cortana and stop personal data gathering in Windows 10 click here

  lotvic 15:05 09 Jul 2017

rdave13, from what I understand, it seems to be more a case that LTD has problem remembering the very long password he chose for his hotmail addy so changed login to a PIN.

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