Windows 10 upgrade very sluggish

  Glen 10:26 24 May 2017

My old Vista Business PC works very briskly and I love it. My wife has a laptop, originally Windows 7 now upgraded to Windows 10, and although it boots very quickly, it is very sluggish. All commands seem to take 2 or 3 seconds or even more. Also scrolling down a page is sometimes very difficult. Both machines have 3GB memory. The PC has an Athlon Dual Core rated at 2.7 Ghz. The laptop has and Intel Celeron 743 rated about 1.3 Ghz, and is used via a wireless router. Is this due to an inadequate processor or should I try an ethernet connection? Glen

  Archonar 11:14 24 May 2017

Wireless / internet will not affect the speed of the operating system, only that of any activities on the internet so an ethernet will not solve the problem if I understand the issue correctly.

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  Govan1x 12:31 24 May 2017

Ethernet connection will always be quicker than a WiFi connection.

I will say she probably will not get it to go much faster. It is w10 we are talking about. Maybe she should have stayed on W7.

3 Gb memory and a Intel Celeron 743 rated about 1.3 Ghz it is never going to be quick not on W10 anyway.

You might be able to tweak it up a bit but it will never great to work with.

Maybe run disk clean up and when that is finished another box will open, click on clean up system files.

That will clean up any old windows updates and any old versions of windows. You could remove 20-30 Gb of old programs from your laptop depending on what it finds.

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