Windows 10 upgrade has deleted my operating system

  pvcpro73 06:24 02 Jun 2016

Hello, I'm looking for some advice please as my computer is broke and I'm stuck without it. Last weekend it just stopped working, I used it in the morning with no problems then in the afternoon I turned it on and it wouldn't start up, long story short is I ended calling Dell and they have told me that my computer has automatically upgraded to Windows 10 but my Dell XPS 7100 isn't compatible with it, now I have no operating system at all! I paid them £119 for a years support and another £30 for a Windows 7 ultimate disc which they say I'll receive tomorrow (Friday) I use my computer for work as I'm self employed and need to prepare quotes and invoices etc for my customers, I've been all week without it now and am fuming that this has happened, I didn't even want Windows 10, why would it upgrade automatically? It's cost me a lot of time and has now cost me money and I don't even know if all my files will be there when it's working again. Just thought to vent on here and see if anyone has any advice, I'm also not happy that I've had to pay for Windows 7 ultimate again as I already bought it once with my computer but it seems it was preloaded so I didn't get a disc which I now need to reinstall, Dell support said they will assist with the reinstall and then block Windows 10 from trying to do this again! Great now I feel under attack from the Windows 10 upgrade :-/

  Govan1x 07:41 02 Jun 2016

Run your W7 disc and you will probably loose everything on your computer. I would wait and see what information that you get on here first.

In the meantime does your computer try to start or is it just dead.

  Govan1x 07:51 02 Jun 2016

Just a thought. If your computer is not working how did dell know that it had updated to windows 10. Not saying they are wrong just interested.

There is ways of getting into your hard drive and probably saving anything that is vital so whether you would be better installing a new hard drive and saving the old one might be something to consider.

Like I say best waiting till someone can give you the advice that you need.

  pvcpro73 07:56 02 Jun 2016

Thanks for the reply´┐Ż On switching on the computer shows the Dell logo with a loading bar underneath, this fills about halfway across then stops, bottom right of screen says F2-start up F12-boot options Then screen goes black then top left says no operating system. It only said no operating system after Dell support told me to tap F8 when turning on, before that it was doing other things like scanning drives and another screen was saying something about RAID being offline, I took a picture of that screen as it didn't stay on for long but I don't know how to copy images in here sorry.

  pvcpro73 08:01 02 Jun 2016

Dell said my XPS 7100 isn't compatible with Windows 10 and that they were aware of this problem occurring, I must admit I was a bit sceptical about the whole thing and was left thinking to myself have I just been duped into signing up for a years support and sold a Windows 7 disc

  pvcpro73 08:05 02 Jun 2016

Losing everything on my computer would be a disaster for me, I've got loads off stuf on it for my business which took a lot of time creating letterheads, invoice and quote layouts and loads of other stationary etc. Not to mention all of my personal stuff, I do have an external hard drive which I disconnected as soon as I started having problems but I'm not sure how up to date that is.

  Govan1x 09:37 02 Jun 2016

If tapping F8 at start up and getting into Safe mode is something W10 does not usually do.

Can you get into the Bios and check to see if it is starting from the hard drive and not the DVD drive. Just to make sure hard drive is set to boot first.

Can you actually get into Safe mode if so there is Last good configuration . CMD where you can get it to do a system restore. and there should be a repair of some sort. That long since I have tried any of those.

I would still wait till you can get better information from others.

Looks like you have to keep tapping F12 at start up and that should give you the option of starting with the hard drive.

I would still go into the Bios to check that it is set right. I had an old dell computer that was doing the same as yours and when I checked in the bios it had Floppy drive as firs boot. The computer did not have a floppy drive on it. So disabled or deleted the floppy and set the hard drive as first boot.

I dont suppose you have had problems with the time or date shifting.

  pvcpro73 12:49 02 Jun 2016

I've been into the bios and it was set to hard drive, I got into safe mode once but don't know how to get there again or if it's even possible now. Haven't noticed any issues with date or time shifting.

  Govan1x 12:54 02 Jun 2016

Just keep tapping f8 as the computer starts for safe mode. Maybe see if it works ok on there.

  Govan1x 12:56 02 Jun 2016

You would want to try safe mode with network connection.

  pvcpro73 12:59 02 Jun 2016

I have now found my recovery discs 1 & 2 with everything else I got when I bought the computer, I have a drivers and utilities disc, another disc titled Sound Blaster X-fi Xtreme Audio which I haven't a clue what it's for? And now I have my 2 recovery discs which I made when I started up. Should I try the recovery discs or wait for more advice? Thanks

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