Windows 10 update taking a long time

  tonywright 08:39 13 Apr 2016

Hi, I have had the standard message about a restart required to enable an update. On restarting I can see a different update screen that is taking a very long time to update. It has taken half an hour to get to 17%. The screen is black with white writing and a large circle showing the progress. It only took about an hour to upgrade from 7 to 10 and I am concerned it might be a virus encrypting my drive. Is there a big update expected today? Should I be suspicious because it is taking so long?



  Secret-Squirrel 10:37 13 Apr 2016

........... and I am concerned it might be a virus encrypting my drive.

Cryptolocker-type infections usually encrypt files silently in the background while the computer is booted up normally.

Yours sounds like a genuine Windows update so be patient and leave it. If you turn it off before it's finished then something catastrophic could happen.

  tonywright 11:13 13 Apr 2016

Thanks guys that's very reassuring, I will continue to wait.

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