Windows 10 update seems only to apply to one user

  john bunyan 14:52 24 Mar 2018

I am preparing a laptop to pass on to another family member, and am reducing the 3 user accounts to one and saving data to an external HD. Two of the user accounts have been in regular use, and one, in particular is fully up to date. When I opened an old user account the update wanted to install the Fall update! I did not realise that W 10 updates did not apply to all users. Is there a setting to ensure that Windows (and other programmes shared by one or more user accounts ) on a PC are applied to all such accounts? All had administration rights. In the end I used another account to delete the old one, but would like to avoid a similar issue in future.

  john bunyan 16:43 24 Mar 2018

On the "old" User profile, it went through all the rigmarole of wanting to do the fall update, just as when this was offered when it came out last year. In the end, I used another profile to delete the old user account. It went through the Hello etc ritual in preparation for the 1709 build before I declined and stopped it.

  john bunyan 17:09 24 Mar 2018

It seemed to me it was going to do a total install. Maybe I misunderstood. I had updated all the latest updates on the primary user's profile. When I opened the old one it did not go via the update route ; the Hello Blue screen came up and implied that the fall update 1709 would be installed. Maybe I misinterpreted it, but it had all the appearance of when one starts a new PC. Maybe I was too hasty in deleting the user account, but as you see on my other thread there seems a lot to do in preparing the old PC for passing it to a relative and setting up a new laptop when it is delivered , so I am taking time to get it right.

  john bunyan 17:47 24 Mar 2018


As usual, thanks for your valuable advice!!

  john bunyan 19:21 24 Mar 2018


Yes, Ithink we line up on most security stuff. I use Defender, MBAM Premium, occasionally ADWCleaner, occasionally Superantispyware, SynchToy for data back up. I have been using Easus Partition Manager but on the new Dell I will take your advice and use MiniTools. Will report in due course - ETA about 4 April. Thanks again. PS Going to RM Beating Retreat in May

  Govan1x 18:45 25 Mar 2018

There was another update today JB. Not sure if it is the same one that you downloaded.

click here

  john bunyan 21:05 25 Mar 2018

Govan 1x

The latest update I have is KB4088776 and 4088785(for flash). My Build version is 16299.309. I looked for updates and none were offered. Then I looked up KB4089848 and it said it was for build 16299.334. Not sure how this version is not on my PC - it has not been offered yet. Did yours update recently or are you on a developer's programme?

  john bunyan 21:22 25 Mar 2018

When I checked again , only a Defender definition update came in . Your KB is showing on the update website but I usually wait for the automatic download. Did yours come in automatically?

  Govan1x 23:10 25 Mar 2018

No I did a check for mine. They seem to be getting a bit more frequent now.

  john bunyan 16:24 28 Mar 2018


Just checked for updates - they say I am up to date . I still have version 16299.309.I usually wait rather than installing in advance of an offer. I wonder if others have the newer version .334?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:38 28 Mar 2018

No mine stil shows as .309 evan though says upto date.

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