Windows 10 Update pop-up ?

  Furkin 10:13 16 Jul 2017

Hi all,

I just had a windows-10 update pop-up - is it legit ? I do use win 10, and know that an update is imminent, but somehow, I just got the urge to dismiss it.

Is an update being rolled out now ?

I didn't get a screen shot at the time, but I reckon it'll pop up again, so I will do.


  Govan1x 10:32 16 Jul 2017

If you use W10 and you have set updates to automatic maybe it is already downloaded and when you close your computer it should tell you updates are waiting to be installed so you just let it download them then it will shut down.

Or go to settings update and security and run the updater.If there are updates ready you should see a button which says download now. I think this is your more likely scenario.

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