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Windows 10 Update KB3206632 not installing.

  mikeyrh 16:08 14 Dec 2016

If you are having trouble installing the latest Windows 10 update from Microsoft (KB3206632) and it seems some people are, most say it sticks at 95% then fails to install, go to and enter KB3206632 in the search box, you will then be able to download the update, make sure you choose the correct version. The 64 bit file is 974.5MB. Once downloaded double click to install, it takes a few minutes so be patient.

  Namlod 12:42 08 Jan 2017

On 14 December, Microsoft tried to install KB3206632 on my PC, where I have Windows 10 Pro with an AMD Athlon Quad Core 750K CPU at 3.40GHz and 8 GB RAM. Only Windows Defender (fully updated) is utilised. KB3199986 is installed. The 6632 install failed when I next booted up. There was the standard initial advice that MS was completing the update, which ran smoothly to 99% and then advised the update had failed and went through the routine of un-installing and rebooting, upon which my PC worked fine, as before. However, this whole rigmarole was repeated on each subsequent shut-down/reboot - and each time takes 5-6 minutes to finish. This has now occurred over 30 times. I have tried a manual install of the KB having downloaded the respective file from MS. No difference. I have looked at my Update History and see that sometimes it reports that KB3206632 is installed, which it clearly is not, as it tries updating on the next shut-down! I have tried leaving it in the history and it makes no difference; I have un-installed/deleted it, but on re-boot the PC says it is updating , and the loop-round returns.... I have tried any number of suggestions found via Google searches. No luck. Each time the install fails at 99%.

This is just plain ridiculous! There has to be a way to prevent the update from being downloaded and installed automatically? I have seen no info from MS itself to suggest any remedy, or subsequent update that might fix this problem. My PC was working fine before this update, and I have restore points from before 14 December that I could revert to, but assume that on the next boot up MS would download and attempt an install of KB3206632 once again?

I would be most grateful if you could suggest some form of solution, or point me to someone/somewhere who has solved the mess! My thanks!

Update: I found a suggestion, as a way to avoid the auto download/install taking place, by amending the Registry. This work-around prevents the auto download/install of MS updates: HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\ Current Version\NetworkList\DefaultMediaCost- then edit the ETHERNET key from a '1' to a '2'. (My system works via an ethernet connection, rather than Wifi). This does appear to have solved the problem, albeit as a 'stop-gap' procedure, until, hopefully, (!!) MS come up with a suitable, working, update.

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