Windows 10 update - can't scroll up or down now

  [email protected] 19:06 14 Nov 2015

Hi, since I updated to the free Windows 10 I now can't scroll up and down on anything using the arrows that are situated on my mouse pad on my acer laptop only by using the side bar.

Can anyone throw some light on this? thanks

  rdave13 21:59 14 Nov 2015

Go to the mouse pad's manufacturer's site to update to the latest drivers for Win 10. If you mean the touchpad on the Acer then go to Acer's site for driver updates.

  rdave13 22:01 14 Nov 2015

If it is a touchpad problem, try two finger scrolling, in the middle of the touchpad instead of a single finger scrolling on the right of it.

  [email protected] 10:42 15 Nov 2015

Thanks, I have tried both of your suggestions but no luck :-(

  rdave13 18:10 15 Nov 2015

Got it working on an old 2007 laptop running 10. This is what I did, Device Manager, expand' Mice and other pointing devices', right clicked Synaptic PS/2 Port TouchPad and uninstalled including the drivers. Rebooted and now I can one-finger scroll again. The generic driver works for Synaptic touchpad. Have a mouse handy if you're going to try it and if your touchpad is Synaptic.

  [email protected] 20:43 15 Nov 2015

OK I have done that. It's not working on single finger, I get the occasional movement now with two fingers but mostly its' not working. Arghhh

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