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windows 10 update 1909 won't install

  kfm 16:07 27 May 2020

I have just updated my Windows 7 Pro PC to Windows 10 Pro using the free upgrade on the Microsoft website. This installed fine. It is running version 1809.I did the check for updates and the 1909 update was available. Installation appeared to go fine but on the reboot the message came up saying my computer was being reset back to the previous version. No explanation why. Windows troubleshooter could not find any problems. Is there anything I can try to find the problem. I don't mind running 1809 but it obviously become out of date. Cheers Ken

  wee eddie 17:34 29 May 2020

kfm: In the normal way of things, most of us will not get 2004 for a couple of months.

As I understand it: Microsoft's Software analyses your PC and sends the latest Update to those that they know are OK for it. Over the following months PCs with older or less usual combinations of hardware, will also get it. In the meantime M$ will be trying to ensure compatibility, which becomes more challenging, the older the PC is.

From your "Driver PNP Watchdog" warning, I would suggest that some piece of your Hardware does not "Yet" have a compatible Driver.

Relax - Sit back - it will come in the course of time

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