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windows 10 update 1909 won't install

  kfm 16:07 27 May 2020

I have just updated my Windows 7 Pro PC to Windows 10 Pro using the free upgrade on the Microsoft website. This installed fine. It is running version 1809.I did the check for updates and the 1909 update was available. Installation appeared to go fine but on the reboot the message came up saying my computer was being reset back to the previous version. No explanation why. Windows troubleshooter could not find any problems. Is there anything I can try to find the problem. I don't mind running 1809 but it obviously become out of date. Cheers Ken

  x13 16:15 27 May 2020

Windows 2004 version will be available in a few hours today. Best to wait for that and see if that will update.

  wee eddie 17:41 27 May 2020

Sit back and wait a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, leave it online so that the updates have time to arrive

  x13 07:46 28 May 2020

Some issues with this update so might not install until a later date. Realtek Bluetooth devices Conexant ISST audio drivers Variable refresh rate not working as expected on devices with Intel iGPU Issue with older drivers for Nvidia display adapters.

  x13 07:53 28 May 2020

Click here for list of issues.

  Pine Man 14:15 28 May 2020

I checked my wifes PC this morning and, although it already had a version of 1909 installed, a newer version of 1909 was also installed.

I carried out further checks and no further updates were offered.

Using the 'Windows 10 May 2020 Update' link above I was able to manually download and install the newest version of Windows 10 2004 and it took about an hour.

There is not much difference apparant but I dare say things will crop up as my wife uses it more.

  kfm 13:32 29 May 2020

Tried to update using the above link. Everything again went fine until the reboot when it started working on updates and then black screen and it took me back to where I started. Is there an easy way to find the problem. Cheers ken

  x13 14:05 29 May 2020

As it's an ongoing issue try resetting Windows Update. click here .

  wee eddie 14:25 29 May 2020

kfm: There is no problem except your impatience.

As I understand it, it's working now with 1809. In time it will update itself to 19xx, whichever version is most suitable and then, sometime in the next couple of months, or so, 2004 will arrive.

So long as it is working, why the rush? There's nothing globally important there anyway.

  Pine Man 15:01 29 May 2020

There's nothing globally important there anyway.

Looks and behaves the same as far as I am concerned.

  kfm 16:16 29 May 2020

Tried again and noticed "Driver PNP Watchdog" error. I assume this a driver problem. There is something that 1809 likes but 2004 does not.

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