Windows 10 update 1709 slows computer to a halt

  br1anstorm 21:51 10 Jan 2018

I have a 2 month old Dell Inspiron 15 with Windows 10 Home edition installed, no additional apps and virtually no other files on it (yet). Unlike previous versions of Windows, it seems that Win10 "forces" the installation of updates. Today it began downloading and installing updates including what seems to be a very major "rebuild" of the OS. My system has Win10 build 1703, and the update is to install build 1709.

Downloading this update took about 2 hours. Then when it started to install my computer slowed to a crawl and became almost totally unresponsive. Task Manager showed the write-to-disk was maxed out at 100%. This lasted for another hour or more.

Eventually Windows Update said that this update had failed to install. I closed down, and when I rebooted it said "trying again" and then after some time, that a restart was necessary.

I restarted. The system startup was very slow, and once going, the computer seemed very slow. Task Manager says that (with no other apps running) the disk is still maxed at 100%. I deduce that the updater is still trying to install that 1709 update.

A quick search of online forums reveals that this seems to be a widespread problem. Lots of people are asking how to block or prevent this 1709 update (apparently in Pro and Business versions of Win10 it can be delayed, but Home edition users have no choice).

In despair I decided to do a System Restore. As I write this (on another - Linux - computer), the Win10 machine shows a blue screen which for an hour has shown the words .... "Please wait while your system files and settings are being restored". I rather suspect this isn't happening, but I don't yet want to do a hard shutdown.

Even if System Restore completes (and that's a big if), I suspect I will still be faced with the problem that the 1709 update will keep trying to install, and will cause the system to slow to a halt.

What can I do? My personal preference would be to bin Win10 totally and install a Linux OS. But this laptop is used by several other colleagues who aren't familiar with Linux and want to cling to Windows.

  br1anstorm 22:10 10 Jan 2018

Quick follow up. System Restore did complete. But as I feared, the computer is snail-like, and Task Manager shows the disk usage at 100%. CPU running at between 5% and 15%. Hard to tell what specific processes are hogging the resources, as most show 0% apart from svchost and System.

If it is that pesky and persistent updater trying to write to disk, how can I stop or disable it given that (I assume) the 1709 build-update files have been downloaded and the updater is repeatedly trying to install it?

  beeuuem~2 04:06 12 Jan 2018

You could download Process Explorer from click here which will show you what is hogging your resources.

  AroundAgain 04:34 12 Jan 2018

As your laptop is only a couple of months old, I would advise you, without any delay or hesitation, to contact Dell support and they will be able to advise you in a much better way than anyone can from a forum, good as this forum is. They are the experts in relation to your laptop

Dell support is what you pay your money for!!! In my experience, they are very helpful and happy to assist you


  br1anstorm 22:35 12 Jan 2018

Have done some further research. The problem isn't with Dell. The evidence points clearly to the culprit being Windows 10 update 1709 (which is massive, almost like a complete reinstall). I've followed the advice on this excellent forum site [here]. This suggests disable AV program, delete Software Updates folder to get rid of possibly corrupt or incomplete update, and disable Windows Update so it doesn't try to download 1709 again. Did that, rebooted, and my new Dell laptop absolutely flies into action - no lag, CPU and RAM not burdened at all, and no write/read load on the disk drive.

Proves what I had suspected and what many other online posts confirm: this new approach by Microsoft,forcing major updates automatically in Win 10 has the potential to seriously foul things up. If and when I do decide to install the 1709 update, I plan to do so by separate download from the Windows Update site.

  br1anstorm 22:42 12 Jan 2018

Follow up post - again. I see that the link I posted hasn't appeared correctly. It was to the site. Why is there no option to edit posts in this forum in order to make corrections?

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