Windows 10 unable to log in

  njb guildford 16:39 05 Mar 2018

When I switch on my desktop (Windows 10, running for years without problems) it goes to the password prompt screen but has no box to enter my password and there is no cursor. I can go no further.
My keyboard has no power (no caps warning light) and mouse light stays on only for a few seconds. I have tried replacing keyboard and mouse. Any other ideas please?

  wee eddie 17:27 05 Mar 2018

Not necessarily a solution: Since the new Processor based Threats and their ham-fisted solutions. My AMD based PC has developed a habit of rebooting every now and again.

After the reboot, it can take several minutes before the Keyboard and Mouse are enabled, but the Log-in Screen is there

  njb guildford 17:39 05 Mar 2018

Thanks Eddie, but I have Intel and also this has been going on since I switched on this morning. Reading other forums I think I may need to fix my keyboard/mouse driver(s), but I can't do that if I can't get into the computer ... :(

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