Windows 10 tiles are all white coloured

  Glen 10:48 08 Nov 2015

In W.10 all my start menu tiles are white in colour but show the proper names, and they still work ok. All the magazine illustrations show coloured tiles. Can I change this. Glen

  alanrwood 10:50 08 Nov 2015

Yes. Right click on desktop and select Personalise/Colours and choose whatever you want.

  Glen 09:53 09 Nov 2015

Sorry alanrwood, but it did not work. I got to personalise and a diagram called Profile appears, but it is inert. Colours did not seem to actually change the tiles at all. What next. My tiles are still white? Glen

  alanrwood 10:49 09 Nov 2015

I assume you have set the "Automatic Accent Colour" switch to off. What I said works for me on my machines and I do not get the "Profiles" page. When you right click on a blank area of the desktop and click on Personalise, do you not get the "personalisation screen brought up with colours in the left hand side.

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