Windows 10 stuck in safemode

  Baggy Pantalons 12:04 19 Sep 2015

I had an issue with an account looping when logging in and restarted in safe mode via msconfig with networking disabled to troubleshoot. But, in order to be able to run anything (elevated command prompt, msconfig, utilities via Shift+Restart etc.) I need the account password which I am sure I know but Windows is not accepting it (the pin was always used to access the account).

I've exhausted my knowledge but am basically stuck in safe mode hell without the Windows password. I've reset it online but without getting networking it's not going to sync.

I think I need to create a recovery disk from another Win 10 machine - can anyone confirm or suggest anything else?

Thank you.

  Govan1x 12:33 19 Sep 2015

Are you still the administrator. If so open another account if it lets you and give it administrative powers as well.

Take it you have tried it in normal mode again and it still will not work. Will it not start in safe mode with networking.

  Govan1x 12:34 19 Sep 2015

Account password is usually your e-mail password but take it you have tried that as well.

  Baggy Pantalons 13:26 19 Sep 2015

Thanks for your reply Govan1x. The main account is an admin (bad practice I know - kicking myself right now) and the only other account is Local but I can't do anything on that without being prompted for the admin password. I've tried permutations of what I thought it was and all other possibilities I can think of.

As a result, because I changed msconfig to safe boot, I can't now boot in any other mode. Is there a way of granting admin rights to the Local account without the password? I tried net user administrator /active:yes but get Access Denied.

  robin_x 13:58 19 Sep 2015

I think you need to try the Sticky Keys trick, among others, or make an NT Offline Password CD/Flash

click here

  Govan1x 23:06 19 Sep 2015

To start in different mode click on the windows logo and R at the same time to bring up run and type msconfig then click Ok.

Click on Boot. If you want to start it on normal mode untick safe boot.Apply Ok. Restart

If you want to start in safe mode with an internet connection Leave safe mode ticked and just put a dot in Network.Apply Ok. restart.

  Baggy Pantalons 18:43 28 Sep 2015

Thanks for your suggestions. robin_x, yours put me outside my comfort (and time) zone so I called in the professionals. After a bit of a battle and no joy it was deemed to be a Windows 10 corruption and ended up re-installing.

  robin_x 20:43 28 Sep 2015

Thanks for reporting back. I do try to supply cheapest options, but people have busy lives and getting someone else is also a valid solution.

Glad you are sorted.

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