Windows 10 stuck in reinstall loop

  Frolickingpotato 01:28 26 Dec 2016

I got a new computer, an acer aspire v 13. I started using it and it worked just fine. I'm setting it up with some games and programs I need for school, next thing i know, I've accidentally downloaded a virus. I think, okay, that was dumb, I haven't done much on my computer, I'll just restart it. There was a setting to reset the computer, wipe the files, and reinstall windows 10. It start to reinstall and I leave it alone. I come back and it's at 64%, it turns off, restarts, shows the 64% done again, restarts and gets stuck in this loop. I can't access any of my computer now, what should I do?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:08 26 Dec 2016

you could download and make a win 10 media from click here

boot from the media and install 10 but you will need to download your drivers from the acer site.

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